I love creating beautiful mosaic compositions using vibrant colored glass, cutting each piece by hand. Opalescent glass, iridescent glass, mirror glass and Van Gogh glass reflect the light and change the dimensions. I often use agates, jewels and beads to embellish. I have made mosaics on various shapes but am more drawn to oval and circle shapes.

My home is the Northern California Coast where the lush landscape informs my sense of light, color and volume. I continue to explore themes inspired by nature, art genres, and abstract design. I have created a variety of pieces and have recently returned to the theme of trees because they are each so unique and alive, majestic sentinels of ancient days. My trees vary in color, design and background. Some of the trees are more natural however most pieces are more fanciful and abstract.

My background is in education, psychotherapy and my desire for consistent engagement with nature and family. I am an equestrian and love galloping on the beaches, through the woods and the rivers. My wonderful grandchildren encourage me to see the world through their lens which also positively impacts my work.